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Musique Makers

"Music For Any Mood" info@musiquemakers.com 978-263-8646

Wedding music for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception


We offer music for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, in three general styles: Classical, Jazz and Dance music.  We provide many instrumental choices for your ceremony, from solo musician to quintet.  Popular combinations include:
  • String Quartet (flute - violin - viola - cello)
  • String Trio (flute - violin - cello)
  • Flute/Harp Duo
  • Violin/Piano Duo
  • Flute/Guitar Duo
  • Trumpet/Piano Duo
  • Voice/Piano or Organ Duo
Musique Makers will gladly accept requests for non-traditional music selections, from the Beatles to Bob Dylan, Guns & Roses to James Taylor.  If published music is available, we can usually perform it.  If music is unavailable, we can transcribe it from your recording.  (Extra fee will apply.)

The Cocktail hour generally includes the same musicians.  Music often continues with Classical selections or switches over to Jazz.  Receptions with dancing typically include a dinner set of light Jazz, switching to Dance music for the remainder of the evening.  If background music is requested, we often play cool Jazz (with or without vocals) for the entire evening.  Jazz includes Swing and Latin.